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Palo Maria Secret Waterfall Hike

hike, waterfalls, adventure, Puerto Vallarta, Palo Maria

Quick Details

1 to 2 people
Extra Adult
Extra Child

See the side of Puerto Vallarta less travelled. The Palo Maria secret waterfall hike is an adventurous experience, literally, down a path less travelled by tourists. Hike 45 minutes each way up and over boulders and through the Palo Maria River to finally reach the Palo Maria waterfall for a picnic lunch, a refreshing swim and time to relax. This hike is moderate in difficulty and is not recommended for people with mobility issues or kids 8 and under.  Minimum 2 people.

The first waterfall:

There are 8 waterfalls in total and you can decide how far you’d like to go depending on your hiking skill level. The first waterfall is reached by a sea-level elevation hike of about 45 minutes and the waterfall is about 15 feet high and 15 feet deep with cool and clear waters.

Advanced hiking to the additional waterfalls:

The additional and amazing 7 waterfalls are only accessible by a mix of low to high-level hiking at varied elevations.