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Quimixto Waterfall & Los Arcos Islands Tour

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Quimixto Village Tour from Puerto Vallarta

Quimixto, with a population of 428, is a tiny fishing village located south of Puerto Vallarta before Yelapa. Life is much slower here. You won’t find many restaurants, tourists, or cars either since donkeys are the main form of transportation. But it is here that you’ll genuinely discover a little slice of heaven.

One option at Quimixto is visiting a beautiful waterfall located just a half-hour hike up the river. You can either hike or pay for a donkey to ride up a rustic path! Both ways take approximately the same time and have beautiful views along the journey.

Once you reach the waterfall, have an optional meal at the delicious restaurant. The food is simple, well-executed, and genuinely delicious. While waiting for your food and margarita, you can dip in the refreshing waterfall pool, or if you are feeling daring, slide down the natural rock slide.

If you want to see more of Quimixto, add an hour or two to your trip at checkout or during your tour, and you can explore more waterfalls, have more beach time, go horseback riding on the beach or snorkel at a different spot! From there, it’s off to Los Arcos for some of the best snorkeling!

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