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Bioluminescent Plankton Boat Tour

Quick Details

1-4 People ($99 per person)
Extra Person Max 25 People
Extra Child Ages 5-15
Child Ages 4 and Under

Bioluminescent Boat Tour

Our bioluminescent plankton tour is one of our special tours and a favorite amongst our guides. During this tour, you get to see the wonder in real life. It’s really just like Avatar but underwater!

This tour was discovered by Jet after returning from a tour late night. He saw that the boat started to light up underneath and to his amazement, it was just like the plankton swim he saw in Thailand that was featured in the Leonardo DiCaprio movie “The Beach” in 2000.

During this tour, we like to head to caves where you can see this wonder up close and personal. We get a chance to swim in it for those who dare to swim in the dark or you can touch it with your hand and see it with your eyes.

Aside from the amazement of the plankton, we like to be 420-friendly as it’s a nice experience with reggae music in the dark open ocean. The captain and guide do not smoke and all activities are voluntary for our guests.

Safety and providing a safe space is our number one priority. This tour is great for kids, adults, and seniors. All our tours are private and we create the environment of your choosing.

Book today and see this amazing wonder up close and personal!

  • Experience plankton at night
  • Private guide & captain
  • Private traditional panga boat
  • Swim with plankton at Los Arcos and other hidden gems!

*Brightness levels change depending on the season, temperature and lunar cycle. Message us directly for best visibility suggestions.

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