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Open Bar and Catering

If you would like to add the convenience of an open bar and snack menu to your tour, you can select it when you check out on our booking form.  The menu is fully customizable and you can add or take anything away just let us know. We also can provide vegetarian, gluten-free and options for other dietary restrictions.

Would you like to add premium bottles to your bar? Ask for a price list and we will make sure we have all your requests on board.

Open bar starting at $15 USD per person, includes Capricho gold margaritas and Pacifico beer.

Open bar and premium snack menu starting at $25 USD per person, includes freshly made guacamole and chips, fresh fruit, gourmet sandwiches, and dessert.

Juice and soda bar is $10 per kid, 15 and under, kids 5 and under are free. Juices and sodas of your choice along with our premium snack menu.