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Private Los Arcos & Secluded Beach Tour

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Los Arcos, Secluded Beaches & Las Animas

If you want the best beach experience in Puerto Vallarta don’t miss this tour! The Los Arcos Islands, “The Arches,” are one of the most recognized symbols of Puerto Vallarta.

Considered one of the best places to snorkel, swimming through the caves you can see bountiful tropical fish.  At Los Arcos, you will find scuba divers, stand-up paddleboarders, kayakers, and snorkelers sharing the islands with tropical birds including the blue-footed boobies.

After some fun snorkelling, we head toward the secluded beaches south of the bay. We pass the final pier, Boca De Tomatlan, at the end of the road toward beaches only accessible by boat. At Colomitos Beach, you can stop for a swim or cliff jump into the beautiful blue water.

After working up an appetite, we head to Las Animas beach where we enjoy the beach views while feasting on seafood, fresh margaritas and delicious local dishes before heading back to town!

* A 4-hour yacht trip ends at Colomitos if you would like to enjoy a meal at Las Animas Beach (food and drinks not included) choose the option “Los Arcos & Secluded Beaches + Las Animas Lunch

* 4 hours on a panga is enough time to do the whole tour ending at Las Animas

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