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Private Marietas Islands Tour

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1-8 People 8 years

Isla Marietas Hidden Beach Tour

**Due to COVID, only a maximum of 7 people can enter the hidden beach per group.

The Marietas Islands are some of the most beautiful islands in Banderas Bay. The profound watery depths that encircle the islands provide snorkelling opportunities of the clearest visibility and the hidden beach we visit is a true gem of Mexico.

These beautiful islands are said to have been discovered by target practice done by the Mexican Navy. Upon firing on the island, they opened a hole on top of the island which is now known as Lover’s Beach.

On our private Isla Marietas tour you will be able to explore the hidden beach, coral reefs, and another beautiful island, as well as have a beach to relax on called Isla Nopalera. All guided by our all-star guides! You will also find that these islands are a sanctuary to the famous blue-footed boobies, a rare bird with beautiful blue feet that only nests in a couple of places in the world.

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