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Private Yelapa Village Boat Tour

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Yelapa Day Trip

Yelapa is a wonderful village hidden in the south of the bay with a population of about 1,500 people. This village is protected and even predates Puerto Vallarta. Today this sleepy fishing town is still a beautiful place to visit as you get to explore the quaint village on the way to Yelapa’s 100-ft waterfall which remains the main water drinking source for the town.

You will find our favorite locals like Trini and his famous micheladas topped with spicy veggies and shrimp in this village. A must-try!

After a nice walk through the town, you will have the option to have a break and enjoy Yelapa’s culinary delights with fresh seafood brought in daily for you to try (we recommend the coconut shrimp or regional delight, aguachile!).

If you want to see more of Yelapa, add an hour or two to your trip at checkout or during your tour and you can explore more waterfalls, have more beach time or snorkel at a different spot.

Book now and experience a true hidden gem!  Select your boat, then tour option and customize.