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Best Vallarta Restaurants Only Accessible By Boat

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What beach are you exploring? Where should you eat?

A guide to help you make the tastiest decision of where to eat on your tour…because hey, let’s make it the best it can be!

We know you came for the snorkeling and the beaches, and maybe a cerveza or a margarita or two, but a good restaurant and delicious food can make your trip! Here is a list of our top restaurant choices in the destinations we visit. We hope it helps you answer that age old question…what do I eat?


Tinos Oasis – $$

Situated right on the beach, Tino’s Oasis is the perfect spot to watch the hustle and bustle of Yelapa, if you can call it that. We can’t get enough of their passion fruit Margaritas, fresh coconut piña coladas or Mexican moonshine limonades . If you have not gotten a chance to try aguachile yet on this trip, shrimp sashimi cooked with lime, cilantro, avocado, spicy chillies and cucumber, this is the place to do it as it is always fresh and seasoned to perfection. Every restaurant has their particular recipe, and Tino’s recipe does not disappoint. Don’t forget to say hi to Hector and Flor two of our favorite waiters on the beach.


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Yelapa Yacht Club -$$$

Not only does it sound swanky, it is beach swanky. Nestled in the heart of Yelapa village, the Yelapa Yacht club has a simple yet elegant menu which matches the vibe. The tortilla soup here is by far the best tortilla soup we have tried in any restaurant in the bay. The chicken broth with creamy cheese is delectable and the contrast in textures from the crunchy tortilla chips and the soft rich avocado and cream make it a fiesta in your mouth. It is a little hard to find, but do not worry we will show you the way, Yelapa is practically our second home.

Chicos Beach Club – Yelapa – $$$

Looking for more of a party vibe in Yelapa, Chicos is the place for you. With electronic beach music, fantastic cocktails and great food, the vibe is right at chicos. On top of that, Chicos is known for its amazing view and excellent service.


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Cafe Bahia – Yelapa -$

Arriving hungry, well do not worry you do not have to walk far for an amazing and organic local meal. Situated at the south dock in Yelapa, Cafe Bahia is Canadian owned by a trained pastry chef, so do not forget to order dessert. Although they do have some meat options, they focus on vegetarian dishes, making this the perfect restaurant if you have vegetarians in your group. The bean soup is one of our favorites, super filling and will not hurt your wallet.


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Quimixto Waterfall Restaurant – $$

Is it not everyone’s dream on vacation to visit a secluded waterfall? The waterfall at Quimixto is a dream come true, especially after the hike or donkey ride to get to the falls. The traditional fresh food they serve leaves our mouth watering every time. The menu consists of typical Mexican specialty items including fresh guacamole and our all time favorite shrimp quesadillas, and you should definitely order a refreshing coconut to replenish your electrolytes.

Las Animas:

Los Conos – $$

This restaurant definitely makes the cut for one of the best restaurants in the bay! And we are not the only ones that think that, every captain and marinero in the area will agree. They are famous for their Zarandeado Fish, which is a 500 year old traditional way of preparing red snapper with beer, dried chili paste and lemon among other spices. If you are looking for an authentic dish from this region of Mexico it is a must try and perfect for sharing. Feeling very hungry the seafood platter is massive and comes with all the traditional Mexican fixings, beans, tortillas and guacamole. Don’t forget to enjoy the view while enjoying your lunch, Los Conos is the perfect place to stare out on to the beautiful Pacific Ocean and watch all the people coming and going from the always popular Las Animas Beach.


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Restaurants by Reservation

Ocean Grill – Colomitos Beach – $$$$

Looking for a gourmet experience with impeccable views? You have come to the right place. Ocean Grill looks like a tree house placed on the side of a cliff overlooking the turquoise waters of Mexico’s smallest beach, Colomitos. Kids are not allowed unfortunately but it’s a must as the unique dishes of gourmet fusion are some of the best in the bay with equally as delightful views.


Casa Maraika – Playa del Caballo – $$$$

A boutique hotel with a high end beach club, Casa Maraika is a famous stop for luxury yacht tours. Their menu consists of a variety of dishes to please everyone in your group including burritos, pizza and classic mexican beach food. Every saturday the beach club features world renowned electronic music djs making it the perfect place to continue your party. With a $60 minimum charge per person, Casa Maraika is not one of our more inexpensive stops, but is a must visit hidden gem on Playa de Los Caballos Beach.


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