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Ready for the beach? Our new covid-19 protocols for safety and fun in mind

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Ready To Hit The Beach?

On June 15th 2020 Mexican Health Authorities gave the green light for the opening of boat tourism in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We are as happy as you are to know that we can now enjoy the beaches and our favorite spots in the bay.

With the opening of our activities we have been given a set of protocols to ensure safety amongst our guests and crew. We have also implemented additional steps to ensure the environment as well as our guests are being taken care of. The following lays out our safety protocols for our future tours:

•Our boat will have 50% of boat capacity in order to keep social distance.
•Boat Captains are required to wear face mask all time.
•We are sanitizing our snorkel equipment accordingly every single time after and before use.
•We will provide hand sanitizer, bottled water and single use cups.
•We are following the same requirements and inspections as well as the Restaurants and hotels while we provide drinks and snacks.
•We also INVITE guests with our policy of BRING YOUR OWN CUP for hygienic purposes and to keep our environment clean of litter.

90% of our tours are private and has our guide and captain plus a private group. This is also very helpful in being able to limit spread of covid-19.

We thank you for your support and if you have any questions, comments  or concerns you can email us at