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Puerto Vallarta’s rainy season – a tropical wonderland

a man standing next to a body of water

What are your summer plans? Have you always wondered what Puerto Vallarta is like in the summer? Want to experience the rainy season but are reluctant because the forecast says it will rain all day?

a group of people playing in the water

You might have an image that Puerto Vallarta is sunny all year round, and you are almost right. However, nearly every afternoon, after 5 pm, like clockwork, it will rain during the Mexico rainy season, which spans from June to September. The rains can vary from a light sprinkle to heavy showers, thunder, and lightning storms. The lightning storms are spectacular to watch, especially around sunset time, with the beautifully saturated colors in the Bay of Banderas as the backdrop. Thunderstorms are the first reason the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta is fantastic. You need not be a storm watcher to appreciate these beautiful natural displays.

a group of clouds in the harbor

Don’t let the weather man fool you. Most days, the forecast makes it look like it might rain all day. Once the ocean breeze blows the evening storm away, mornings and afternoons are bright and sunny and dominated by blue skies, not to mention green and full of beautiful tropical foliage. The dry weather from November to June makes the hills and mountains dry, brown, and dusty. As soon as the first rain hits, the hills come alive with colorful flowers, deep emerald green leaves, and bounds of delicious tropical fruit. For outdoor enthusiasts, this is the perfect time to explore the jungle and the mountains, making flora and fauna the 2nd reason the rainy season rocks in Puerto Vallarta.

a man and a woman standing on a beach

Suppose you enjoy more of a rugged adventure. In that case, the rainy season is the perfect time to get out on all-terrain vehicles and explore the countless offroading paths in the Sierra Madres Mountains. Not only is the plant and animal life in its full glory, but there are also full rivers to splash through, incredible views, and impressive waterfalls where you can take a dip and cool off. Book here.

a large waterfall next to a tree

If you like to snorkel, visiting Puerto Vallarta during the rainy season brings the warmest ocean temperatures and the best underwater clarity making it a snorkeling and scuba diving dream. A little more adventurous? Watch the sunset, and then check out the bioluminescent plankton. This natural psychedelic phenomenon you can see year-round when the moon cycle is at 20% or less and is the most visible from June to October. Jet’s Private Boat Tours is the only company in PV that offers this excursion, and their helpful team can guide you to the best night to book. Book here.

Because June through September is considered the “low season,” you will also find some great deals. Lower hotel room rates and all-inclusive flight packages. There are also great deals at restaurants, lots of 2 for 1s, fantastic happy hours, and summer sales on tours and excursions, making your holiday less expensive. You also get to skip long lines ups and getting reservations is a snap. An affordable holiday is another reason to visit Puerto Vallarta during the rainy season.

a beach with palm trees and a pool of water

Tourism in Puerto Vallarta has grown exponentially every year, last year by 9%, especially in the summer season. With more direct flights every year, it is easier than ever to come and see for yourself why this time of year is so special.

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