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Naked Cruise in Puerto Vallarta

Quick Details

*It is important that you are agile enough to hop on and off to the beach from the boat or in rare chances we have to swim to the beach. 

Public Tour Friday
Private Tour Saturday - Thursday
1-2 People
Extra Person

Have a Fully Nude Experience on a Naked Boat Trip

Jet’s Naked Boat Tours is the brainchild of Jet and Daniel. Jet has created unique and personal boat tours for everyone and Daniel is a local nudist that will show you Puerto Vallarta like no one else does.

This naked trip is a first for Puerto Vallarta. We head to the beach only accessible by boat and create our own nude beach. We also have private tours for all and public group tours for males! Check out what our public and private tours have to offer below!

Our public nude cruises are every Friday at 11 a.m. and last five hours. They consist of nude snorkelling, nude jungle activities, catching the sun and open bar and food, drinking games, all guided by our amazing nude guide, Daniel.

VIP Naked Experience – Every Friday ( not available summer 2020)

Upgrade your public tour experience with Open Bar Bottomless Margaritas, gourmet sandwiches, fresh guacamole and snacks on the upgraded Panga Lux. Limited space and guests are recommended to book ahead of time.

Private Tours

Our private nude boat trips are highly customizable. You can customize the boat, start time, if you want it catered or not, and the destinations you visit! These tours are intended for your private group and you can invite anyone you’d like.

Book today for an unforgettable nudist experience!

Naked Boat Promotions

  • 10% off repeat customers
  • 30% off locals/nationals during high season
  • 50% off for guests staying at Jet’s Gay Youth Hostel
  • Buy 3 get 1 free!